Bear Killing Not Necessary; People Must Learn to Coexist with Animals

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / June 19, 2004

Not long ago, our upper Rabbit Creek neighborhood had a grizzly take down a cow moose in my neighbor's yard. Over the time of a week and a half, the bear ate it. All the neighbors were informed of the bear's presence and we kept watch of our children and dogs. The bear moved off when the moose-kill was gone.

It's a shame that some people think (or react) with their trigger finger to shoot a bear that was just doing its thing. The bear and moose have been interacting thusly for thousands of years. Regarding the bear shooting in Willow, the only "crazy" thing was shooting the bear because the dog was too stupid to come into the house when the owner commanded.

Are we putting our homes in Alaska to live with and observe nature, tame it, dominate it or drive it to extinction? In my mind, one less grizzly, with the cubs in a zoo cage, is a shame. The loss of a dog is no great loss. The dog should suffer the consequences of its stupidity, not the bear.

-- Pete Robinson / Anchorage

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