Residents Were Right Not to Shoot Bear
Feeding on Moose Calf

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / June 28, 2004

I wish I was home. How Alaska is missed by this Alaskan in Texas.

The article and the short movie of the grizzly killing and eating the moose calf were well written and shown to let people know that the wild animals of home (Alaska) should be respected and in this case were ("Neighborhood awakes to sounds of moose calf killing," June 24). Your online poll recently showed that too often people are reacting out of panic and not respecting the wildlife for what it is -- wild.

This movie showed the proper way to handle this situation by backing off and letting the bear do what is its nature to survive. I was glad to see that no one panicked and grabbed a gun and started shooting as you so often hear about, but left the bear alone to do what is natural to it.

Yes, it was close to homes but it also is Alaska where wild animals are a part of the everyday life.

Kudos to my fellow Alaskans for doing the right thing by not going gun crazy. There is a right time, place and reason to shoot, and the decision was right that this was not one of them.

-- Art Meyer / Mesquite, Texas

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