Story Detailing Moose Killing
Simply too Graphic for Paper, Especially A-1

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / June 29, 2004

Waking up to the horrors of an animal's agonizing death was not my plan Thursday morning. Yet Megan Holland's article about the grizzly attack brought the screams, suffering and pain into my kitchen. Just a brief glance at the article was all that it took to tighten my jaw and send what should have been a glorious morning down the drain with yesterday's coffee.

What was the purpose of putting this "grizzly" article as the header on page one? Did Ms. Holland want to startle readers, bring them to some understanding of life in the wild, or was she just practicing the sensationalistic journalism so prevalent today on TV?

This article could have been placed somewhere else in the paper or softened in its descriptions. Even on TV we are warned if the upcoming images could be upsetting. Ms. Holland needs to be more responsible in her writing or get a job with the Enquirer or some other yellow journalism rag.

-- Sue Menegat / Anchorage

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