Don't Blame Humans and Trash
When Bear Acts Naturally and Kills

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / June 29, 2004

Well, they are at it again. The article about the bear killing the moose calf was one more occasion for misguided biologists to hurl insults at humankind. ("Neighborhood awakes to sounds of moose calf killing," June 24). If left up to them, we should not create garbage, move into new subdivisions or procreate, and we generally should go back to the prehistory days when mankind was kept in check by other carnivores (not guns, please).

Mr. Sinnott's statements that "there's always going to be more bears until we fix the cycle of ignorance" and "people are basically baiting the neighborhoods" are so wrong. The bear went after the calf, not a can of garbage! The bear was doing what it is supposed to do. Quit blaming us humans every time a bear wanders into our neighborhoods.

I believe hiring professional hunters to kill any bear that intrudes into our neighborhoods should be common practice. I shudder to think if a human was the one cornered by that grizzly.

-- Richard Carr / Wasilla

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