McGrath Needs Predator Control So Families Can Eat;City Needs Wolves

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / July 5, 2004

I notice that quite a few articles about bear problems in the Anchorage area have been in the Daily News. Maybe transporting a couple of packs of wolves from Unit 19D to the area would change a few opinions on predator control and the bear baiting initiative that is up for a vote this year.

I guarantee a pack of wolves would cure any loose pet problems, and once they discovered beef, pork and poultry taste good, I imagine a few people would think predator control isn't such a bad thing.

It doesn't cost much for bears to be relocated in the Anchorage area, but people sure complained about the money spent for bear relocation out of McGrath. And now they want to take bear baiting away from the Interior and all of Alaska.

Why so much coverage on a few bears when many families in 19D didn't get a moose and now can't feed their kids meat for the winter? No one out here wants to terminate all the bears and wolves in our area, which some groups of people would have you believe, but to control them so people can feed their families in the winter.

-- Clinton Goods / Takotna

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