Tourists to Alaska Didn't Respond to Animal Rights Activists' Efforts

Letters to the Editor / Anchorage Daily News / July 28, 2004

The July 16 article "More tourists gas up, drive north" featured the great news that our 2004 tourist arrivals are at high numbers. Soaring gasoline prices haven't depressed road visitors, and tour boats and airlines are doing great business.

How can this be true? Ms. Patricia Feral, mouthpiece for the Friends of Animals organization, pompously and self-righteously told the Board of Game last year that if it authorized a wolf control program, she would shut down our 2004 tourist industry with national publicity that would turn the whole country against Alaska. We would be boycotted by all potential tourists in protest of our evil ways. The board established the wolf control program at McGrath, Feral put big negative ads in many leading newspapers, and now we see how hugely she was ignored.

Perhaps the public is becoming aware of how phony these so-called animal rights organizations are. It seems timely to reprint Tom Knudson's July 2001 Sacramento Bee articles exposing animal rights organizations to remind Alaskans of the way these animal rights people bluster, prevaricate and attempt to interfere with our wildlife management systems in using us for their personal financial benefit. In a new money-making venture, they are now attacking Alaska's bear hunting regulations.

-- John A. Morrison / Anchorage


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