And Now an Announcement from Fish & Game

Alaska Department of Fish & Game / Anchorage Press / August 31, 2004

Applications to participate in state-sponsored predator control programs are now available from Alaska Department of Fish & Game offices.

Permits to land and shoot wolves will be issued for Game Management Units 13A, B and E in the Nelchina Basin and in Unit 16B west of Cook Inlet. Permits to either land and shoot, or to shoot wolves while airborne, will be issued for Unit 19A near Aniak and Unit 19D East near McGrath.

Those who held permits in 2003-2004 must reapply for a permit this year.

Applications will be accepted from pilot/gunner teams. Permits will be issued based upon consideration of their familiarity with the local geography, the number of hours of flying time in the control area, their experience and ability to take predators in control programs, and their record of wildlife violations within the past five years.

Permits initially will be issued from applications received on or before October 15. Applications received after October 15 will be considered if additional permits are issued.

Permits will be issued in early fall, and control programs will begin after adequate snow cover has arrived and, in some cases, after moose surveys have been completed, but no later than December 1.

Moose populations in all of the control areas have been identified by the Board of Game as being important for providing high levels of harvest for human consumption under the state intensive management law. Predation by wolves has been identified as an important cause for the failure to achieve moose harvest objectives established by the Board.

People with questions about the application process or about predator control programs should call (907) 267-2269 or (907) 459-7231 for additional information.


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